Brand Identity / Coral & Rye

Brand Identity / Coral & Rye

Coral & Rye is a community for intelligent, creative, modern women who are hopelessly in love with old school class. The blog is gender agnostic, though women friendly, and covers topics such as: dating and relationships, food and drink, health and wellness, entertainment, fashion, beauty, and art. Working closely with the stakeholder and lead designer, I developed the brand name, tagline, personas, voice, and content strategy.

The brand name needed to be modern, strong, and mildly feminine. I was inspired by the idea of women as water, both being cyclical, fluid, and powerful. I drew from Ovid’s Metamorphosis’ version of Medusa, the mother of Poseidon who was beheaded by Perseus, and whose blood seeping onto seaweed produced the corals of the Red Sea. Even in death, she continues to capture the attention of deep sea divers and tourists alike, and is commonly used as a symbol for female rage. With this narrative in mind and the inherent femininity of the colour, I decided “Coral” would be a fitting first half for the brand name. The stakeholder also described the brand as “newsy and boozy”; it should be a brand for a hard drinking, always short on time type of woman. This is where “Rye” comes in. I wanted to allude to the role rye plays in producing beer and whiskey – objects of consumption that are inherently boozy.

Other aspects of the brand identity I worked on pre-launch included developing a tagline and personas. The tagline: “Life served neat” situates the brand as an entity that thoughtful distills relevant content and serves it boldly. Working closely with the product owner, I created 4 personas for this brand.

I fulfil the role of editor in chief of this property and ensure that the content, aggregated or original, are on brand. Part of our content strategy includes launching the brand’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Two of which, I am responsible for maintaining (Facebook and Pinterest). Subscribers to the Coral & Rye newsletter can expect a monthly newsletter of curated content, which is a mixture of aggregated and original pieces. Every month I review the articles posted and select content to include in the newsletter, as well as schedule and organize our assets for sending.

Client          Coral & Rye
Services    Copywriting
Year            2014